RHONJ Season 10 Reunion Tea

It seems like this reunion will be very different from what we're used to...

Last week, The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunited to film their season 10 reunion and after Melissa Gorga, Andy Cohen and some "insiders" spoke to the press, we finally have an idea of what we can expect from the end of season sit down.

First of all, the seating plan for this year was basically identical to last year's, with the "old school, traditional women" Teresa Giudice, Dolores Catania and Jennifer Aydin on one side, while "the progressive, liberal women" Margaret Josephs, Melissa, and Jackie Goldschneider sat on the other. What's new?

Following the reunion taping, Melissa sat down with E!'s new morning show Pop of the Morning and not only revealed she was suffering a major case of laryngitis on the day, but also spilled the tea on who got into it the most during the heated sitdown. Which to no one's surprise turned out to be the resident Turkish Housewife. She stated:

“Let’s just pay attention to Jennifer — she just doesn’t make any sense, I’m like, ‘What are you saying?' I think Jennifer and I go at it, I would say, the most at the reunion.”

According to Hollywood Life, insiders echoed this statement about Little Miss 16 Bathrooms, with sources explaining to the outlet:

“Jennifer Aydin is like a lightning rod at the reunion. The RHONJ reunion which taped last week was quite explosive…She has it out with just about every single one of the ladies and things did get heated involving her and several of the ladies at several times during filming. She really brings it."

Although they promise it to be explosive, the production insiders also revealed this year's reunion will be different as the women have learned how to handle conflict without yelling and screaming. How can you have a Jersey reunion without the ladies working out their vocal cords? The insider shared that even though conflicts were resolved, Jennifer still didn't make this taping easy:

“There wasn’t as much screaming and yelling as the reunions in the past [by the other ladies]…The women found better ways to articulate themselves. It’s clear that they’ve matured and grown but it’s still going to be explosive and entertaining. There are a lot of conflict resolutions that happened across the board between the casts.”

You can't have a Housewives reunion without the Big Bravo Boss Andy Cohen and he gave his two cents on the Garden State ladies' reunion taping while Melissa appeared on WWHL last week.

Both Andy and Melissa spoke about OG Housewife Teresa revealing lots of "truths" about her marriage, which basically means she's finally admitting that Juicy Joe cheated on her (probably to get that prenup null and void). The WWHL conversation went a little something like this:

Melissa: "We give away a lot of secrets. We talked a lot. We really did. I'm not gonna say we pulled hair and screamed and went crazy. I mean, well, we did pull hair. I think we tell you a lot of truths."

Andy: "I couldn't believe specifically, there was a lot of new information from Teresa and your husband..."

Melissa: "... About cheating..."

Andy: "And from Dolores... there was a lot of new stuff."

Melissa: "It was an excellent reunion."

Andy: "I totally agree."

Speaking of Teresa and the shady people she allows into her life, her relationship with Danielle Staub was a major point of contention during the sitdown as the Prostitution Whore rocked up to the reunion (and sat on her own chair), even though she "quit" the show last month on WWHL.

The two had a falling out which will (allegedly) be featured at the end of this season, however, after their discussion at the reunion, it seems they're in a "cordial" place. The Hollywood Life source reveals:

“Danielle is also a prominent figure on the reunion. Teresa and Danielle did have a conversation at the reunion. They won’t be best friends again, but they seemed to figure out a way to be cordial. Teresa just doesn’t want to fight with anyone anymore. Her thoughts about life and relationships have completely changed with everything that’s gone on in her life.”

Well there you have it, folks, the upcoming THREE-PART reunion will have everything from Jennifer Aydin stirring up drama, Beverly returning to close her Housewives chapter (and receive a check), Teresa admitting to Joe's cheating ways and probably most shocking of all: all the women handling conflict without screaming and yelling. Who would've thought?!

Check out the ladies reunion looks below:

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