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Where Denise Richards Stands With The RHOBH Cast After Brandi Glanville Shared Their Private Texts

This show just needs to air already.

Everyone with internet reception and a Bravo addiction knows Brandi Glanville's alleged affair with Denise Richards is set to be at the center of the drama on season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and now we're getting some more information about the feud, which definitely seems like it's coming from a Denise informed source.

According to Hollywood Life, while filming the latest season of the show Brandi revealed her private text messages with Denise to the rest of the group, which consisted of the actress turned reality star talking shit about the women, which of course caused drama among the cast. The source revealed:

“Brandi Glanville shared text messages with the other ladies at several points during filming that Denise said to her in confidence. These texts were about the other ladies and it did upset a lot of the ladies and caused a lot of fighting and tension, but Denise does eventually own up to the fact that she said some of the things she said.”

Awkward! It seems like Brandi and Denise's "affair" isn't the only drama Charlie Sheen's ex-wife is dealing with this season. Last year, while the cast was in the middle of filming, rumors emerged claiming the women were feuding with Denise because she was barely filming with them due to her acting projects.

I'm sure them finding out about her talking shit not only didn't help, but also made it easier for them to side with Brandi once the affair rumors came out.

Even though Denise was caught red-handed talking shit about her cast members, the source claims she is still friends with some of the women and that the entire cast can't wait for the show to finally air so that the drama stops playing out in the press. The source explained:

“Despite all of this, Denise is still friends and speaking to several of the other ladies regularly. The new season will start later this spring and everyone’s just ready for it to get out there."

To this day, Denise vehemently denies ever having a sexual relationship with Brandi and has publically stated that she and her husband Aaron Phypers do not have an open relationship. Another source also told the outlet that Denise has "no idea" where these rumors about her marriage came from, adding that she feels like Brandi is targeting her:

“[Denise] seems to be the target this season. The feeling is that Brandi [Glanville] has just been out to get her to start drama."

Andy Cohen, the executive producer of the entire Housewives franchise, has said we are still a month or more away from getting the trailer for RHOBH Season 10, which means this show likely won't air until May or even June, given that each show normally premieres one to two months after the trailer is released.

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