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Bethenny Frankel Allegedly Threw A Fit After RHONY Producer Said The Show Doesn’t Need Her

Looks like the B may never return to RHONYC...

Since Bethenny Frankel left The Real Housewives of New York City last year, she's been pretty focal about shitting on the show in the press which has, of course, caused Bravo to discreetly clap back in their own way.

In their latest Page Six slam piece, the outlet reported that the Skinnygirl mogul "threw a fit" after one of the show's producers said the show didn't need her during a BravoCon panel.

When asked about Bethenny's absence from the show during the network's first-ever convention back in November, longtime producer Barrie Bernstein said the show would be just fine without her. The producer explained:

“Bethenny of course is Bethenny. We did three seasons without her in the middle, it was successful, a lot of fun, some of the best trips. And the ladies, they’ve done this for a while, and they don’t need Bethenny. I think this season we’re really excited to shine that.”

A production source told the outlet after Bethenny got wind of this comment she got "very angry" and blocked Barrie from her phone. The same Bravo insider elaborated on her temper tantrum alleging that Bethenny is pissed that the show is doing fine without her, claiming:

“She’s jealous [because] she’s not on still. She made a rash decision [to leave] and she misses the limelight of it all. And she can’t believe it will be as successful without her and may be better.”

Following the RHONY season 12 premiere on April 4th where the first two minutes were dedicated to the women discussing Bethenny's departure from the show, the fast-talking business women appeared on Extra where she took a dig at the show's ratings and claimed they were down because the reality series doesn't inspire people. Bethenny said:

“The beginning of the show was the proverbial middle finger to me. The women have definitely had some unpleasant things to say about me … I wish them well. The ratings overall in television have never been higher and perhaps the ratings on ‘Real Housewives’ aren’t doing well because it’s sort of not maybe the content that is inspiring people to do what they need to do right now. Or maybe they want to watch the news or something uplifting or some way to pay it forward.”

Shots fired. Bethenny definitely seems salty towards the show which is fucking pathetic. Without the show Bethenny would still be trying to hawk her muffins in Home Goods, so she needs to sit down and not bash the show which turned her into a star. A little humility never hurt anyone...

Maybe if she didn't quit the day filming was set to begin the producers would've been kinder in her send-off montage...

Following Bethenny's comments during the Extra interview, another "production source" spoke to Page Six, claiming Andy Cohen was "livid" over her criticism of the show and threw in some shady quips regarding her failed talk show for good measure. In full, the "source" told the outlet:

“We all can’t believe she’s out there bashing the show when the ratings are good and she’s proclaimed to have moved on when she decided to leave the franchise. I know the ladies only wish her more success with her new show than she had with the last one! As much as Bethenny pretends to be a producer, creator, mogul and even philanthropist, she will always be a ‘Real Housewife’ and reality star. She was a no-one before ‘RHONY’ — why would someone be so desperate as to bash the franchise that built her brand? Andy [Cohen] is livid!”

This is why you don't bite the hand that feeds you because if the HBO Max show doesn't take off and Bethenny comes crawling back to Bravo, I'm not so sure they're going to take her back...

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