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Kyle Richards Claps Back At Garcelle Beauvais' Recent Shade

Quarantine won't even stop these women from fighting...

During last week's premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the Bravo universe was finally introduced to the show's first African American cast member Garcelle Beauvais, however, it was her comments on Watch What Happens Live after the episode that ruffled one of her colleague's feathers.

While appearing on Andy Cohen's talk show, Garcelle was forced to assign superlatives to her costars and it seemed as if she assigned all the negative ones to Kyle Richards. The actress turned reality star labeled Kyle as "the least welcoming," the one with the "biggest ego" and even said Kyle is the one cast member she'd least like to be quarantined with.

Now those are some fighting words...

Of course, Kyle clapped back to these surprise comments during her appearance on Amy Phillip's SiriusXM show Reality Checked, where the BH OG admitted she was hurt by Garcelle's remarks, saying the two got along fine all season. Kyle explained:

“We got along the entire season and then to see her go on Watch What Happens Live, I think to myself, ‘Well wow, you’d be a lot more entertaining… if [you] actually thought those things and said it to my face,' but instead, she was nice all season and we got along. And then she goes on Watch What Happens Live and said that and I’m like, ‘Okay, now I’ve got my feelings hurt,’ which I should not do that. I mean, you’re a housewife you’ve got to be tough. But it doesn’t even make sense to me, it doesn’t even ring true to me that she thinks that.”

Garcelle is a great addition to the show, but if she is bringing this keyboard warrior energy all season then I have my doubts. As a Housewife, it's your job to share your opinion in the moment, not bash someone out of nowhere on a talk show six months later. Obviously, I was living for Garcelle's shade, but it should've been thrown while actually filming the show.

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Even Kyle's husband Mauricio Umansky was taken off guard by the comments and to be honest, I'm just surprised Mauricio was even watching Watch What Happens Live at all. Kyle explained both she and her husband's shock, revealing:

“My husband goes, ‘Why is she saying that? You never had an issue with her. I thought you guys got along.' I said, ‘I did.’ He goes, ‘Well what is she saying that for?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain that. I can’t get into her mind.’ All I know is if I think and feel something, I say it and you’ll see it throughout the season. So when I see the new Housewives come in and they’re nice and then they go on their interviews… just be consistent.”

Although Garcelle's shade wasn't the worst thing in the world, Kyle made it clear she'll be bringing up the newcomer's two-faced energy at the season 10 reunion later this year hinting:

“Shots fired, done. Forget it. I’ll see you at the reunion."

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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