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Leah McSweeney Holding Out On Returning To RHONY Unless She Gets More Money

PHOTO: Bravo

Bravo needs to pay her whatever she wants because we can't lose this rising star!

This season on The Real Housewives of New York City, newcomer Leah McSweeney definitely became the fan-favorite due to her downtown vibe, upfront personality, and tattooed vagina, however, now it looks like her time on the show might be over just when it was getting started.

According to TMZ, Leah is holding out on returning to the show for a second season after she was only offered a "minuscule" pay rise for season 13. The rookie Housewife apparently feels "disrespected" by Bravo's offer as she believes she brings a lot to the table and deserves more money.

The outlet claims that Leah won't return to the show unless she gets the money she wants, so Bravo better pay up because filming is set to begin in the next few weeks and I don't think they want her to walk right before production begins like Bethenny Frankel did last year.

Leah allegedly made $3k an episode for her debut season, which adds up to around $63k for the entire season, excluding the reunion.

On one hand, I think Bravo should cough up the money because they can't afford to lose Leah, especially since she's the future of the show, however, beginner Housewives normally don't earn that much so she can't expect to earn an astronomical amount of money after only being on the show for such a short time.

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TMZ pointed out that this holdout for cash comes after she changed her Instagram bio to include, WME, which is the new talent agency that's representing her. Obviously, they got in her ear about being the "fan favorite" and made her believe she's worth more money to stay on the show because that means more money for them...

All in all, Bravo knows at the end of the day she's only holding out to make them cough up more cash but that ultimately she's not going anywhere. Leah's just trying to play hard ball, and I respect her hustle, but she'll definitely be back next season, pay rise or not.

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