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Brandi Glanville Slams Camille Grammer As A "Bitter Cunt" After She Accused Her Of Using D


Who doesn't love seeing two ex-Housewives scrap over Twitter?

Both Brandi Glanville and her former costar Camille Grammer are addicted to getting into messy Twitter wars that serve no purpose aside from buying them an extra five minutes of fame, so of course, it only makes sense for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' alums to battle it out with each other.

Strangely enough, this entire Twitter feud started with Luann de Lesseps. In a recent interview, the Countess revealed that she believes Brandi used her (alleged) affair with Denise Richards to get back on the show and, of course, Camille used this opportunity to take to Twitter and agree with Lu.

When Brandi saw Camille's comment, she was obviously doing what she does best, drinking and tweeting, because not even I was ready for the rant that the LVC slapper went on.

In the course of three tweets, Brandi claimed she was hired back to film episodes of RHOBH before anyone even knew about her affair with Denise and said if she was going to use their sexual encounter to get back on the show, she would've said it during season nine when she was still filming her confessionals. She then called Camille a "dumb ass bored fucking useless twat."

Brandi then told Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife to get off Twitter and massage her husband's prostate, which is one of the most inventive insults I've ever heard, points to Brandi for creativity. She also said Camille should spend some of her "unearned alimony" before calling her a "bitter cunt" and ended the rant by saying she had to go help her son prep for a test.

Wow, Brandi really is doing the lord's work, calling out Camille for being a cunt while helping her son's with their schoolwork. What an icon. I'm really not sure where this hatred for Camille comes from (probably three bottles of white wine) but if these two were back holding diamonds on the show, their feud would be iconic.

The Drinking And Tweeting author then clarified that she only talks shit on Twitter when she is responding to someone or something, unlike Camille who spends her days searching the RHOBH hashtag to talk shit about the other women on the show.

Brandi does have a point, this is the third Twitter war Camille has been involved in within the last week. First Kyle, then Erika, and now Brandi.

I would tell Camille to delete her Twitter and shut the fuck up, but then we wouldn't have tea like this to talk about. Who would've thought one comment from Camille would evoke such a graphic response from Brandi? But hey, I'm not complaining...

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