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Kenya Moore "Broke" Guerdy Abraira's Soul After BravoCon Run In

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Who didn't have an awkward encounter at BravoCon?

Every reporter's favourite question to ask Housewives post-BravoCon is: who was the rudest Bravolebrity? If I had a dollar for every time I've seen this question be asked I'd probably have, well, $20 - but that's still a lot of articles centred around a pretty mundane question.

In a new interview with Page Six, Guerdy Abraira was asked this question and she didn't hesitate to name names. The Real Housewives of Miami cast member revealed an interaction she had with Kenya Moore "broke" her soul but clarified that she doesn't know if Atlanta's resident shade assassin was being "shady" on purpose. She told the outlet:

“I had one [encounter] that really kind of, like, broke my soul in a way because I … fix crowns and maybe it wasn’t shady on purpose because [we were] so all over the place. I saw Kenya and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Kenya, hi!’ and she goes, ‘Oh, hi …Which show are you on again?’ Like that and I was like, ‘OK, OK, ma’am. Moving right along. OK, queen.’ … But the way she said it, it was kind of like, ‘Hey, be nice. Be nice, you know?’” 

All the Bravolebrities were being pulled in a million directions so Kenya's weird reply doesn't necessarily mean she was trying to be a bitch to Guerdy, maybe she was honestly trying to place Guerdy in a sea of Bravo talent?

On the other hand, while Kenya Moore Haircare has always been one of my favourite Housewives, she does have a reputation for being a diva and probably has trouble fraternising with Bravo talent that she considers to be "below" her.

Did Kenya asking what show Guerdy was on actually break her soul? Definitely not but her melodramatic wording gave Page Six something to write about. If you're being interviewed by an outlet and the biggest story you give them is that someone was potentially rude to you one time, then clearly you're not that interesting...

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Guerdy rounded out the interview by praising Kenya and hopes they can have a better encounter in the future. Guerdy shared with the outlet:

“I love ‘Atlanta,’ of course, and I think she’s a queen. I mean, she is the queen. She’s amazing. So it was a little disappointing that was the response … [But] all good in my hood, trust me. Listen, honey, onward always.”

Kenya is the type of woman who can hold a grudge, especially if she believes you're using her name for clout so if these two run into each other again I don't think The Real Housewives of Atlanta star will be very nice. Eh, you can tell it's a slow news day when this is one of the biggest stories I have to write about...

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