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Lisa Rinna Calls Sutton Stracke A Gold Digger After She Shaded Erika Jayne

PHOTO: Bravo

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned Instagram war?

We're only one episode into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' twelfth season and the ladies are already coming after each other on social media. During the premiere, Sutton Stracke suggested Erika Jayne only dates men for their money which caused Lisa Rinna to take to Instagram to defend her friend.

In the comment section of TheRealityRundown's post, Rinna said Sutton only has money because of her ex-husband and that it takes one gold digger to know another. Sutton then clapped back at Rinna denying she's a gold digger saying she met her ex when they were kids.

After this exchange Sutton never engaged again but that didn't stop Lisa from going OFF in the comments section. She said if Sutton's ex-husband stopped giving her monthly spousal support payments that she'd be in the same situation as Erika and then left a few more comments trolling her southern cast member.

Erika also jumped in on the drama by posting a screenshot of Rinna's comment to her Instagram story and stating Lisa will always say it like it is.

These days it's pretty polarising to be a Lisa Rinna fan but if loving her trolling Instagram ways is wrong then I definitely don't want to be right. The Twitter stans who dedicate their lives to defending Garcelle and Sutton are already twisting themselves into a pretzel trying to stick up for Sutton but anyone with two brain cells can see Rinna is 1000% correct in this situation.

I said it in this week's recap but I'll say it again: if Sutton didn't get millions from her divorce and was left with nothing in her bank account she'd be trying to date rich men too to keep her lifestyle afloat.

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This is a woman who runs around in Dolce & Gabbana and thinks her clothes not arriving in the mail is the equivalent of being held at gunpoint, so there's no way this privileged Housewife would be able to live without her ex's money.

This is Sutton's problem. She throws shade in her confessionals to appease the Twitter fans who hate Erika but can't put a sentence together when she's in front of the other ladies. Sutton needs to take a seat and think about what comes out of her mouth because her coming after Erika for dating rich guys was one of the most brain dead things she could do. Pot meet kettle.

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