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RHONY Legacy Is Cancelled And Jill Zarin Is Getting The Blame

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Looks like "Legacy" is officially dead in the water!

Last year, Bravo announced they were splitting The Real Housewives of New York City into two casts by revamping the original series with a group of younger, diverse women and giving the OGs their own "Legacy" style show, however, don't hold your breath waiting on the latter.

According to Page Six, Legacy, much like Dorinda Medley, is "on pause" and won't be happening anytime soon. The outlet revealed negotiations between the cast and Bravo stalled after the women wanted more money. Why is this not a surprise?

The cast was supposed to consist of Dorinda, Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon. Ramona Singer declined to participate in the show before negotiations even began and Tinsley Mortimer never really entertained joining the show to begin with.

The outlet claims Bravo "lost interest" in the show after Jill was holding out for more money. As for the other ladies, Kelly and Dorinda were allegedly ready to sign on the dotted line and Sonja was "barely paying attention to the whole affair" which is completely on brand for Lady Morgan.

Something about this smells off and no, it's not the skid mark on Ramona's diaper. Why would Jill Zarin, the queen of thirst, wait 10 YEARS to hold an apple again only to hold out for a bigger paycheck? The woman would've done the show for a diet coke and an iTunes voucher, so if she's really the reason for the stall in negotiations she's more delusional than I thought.

Page Six claimed the women were complaining about their salaries per episode and the number of episodes they were guaranteed to appear in for the season. A source (whose name most likely rhymes with Zill Jarin) told the outlet:

“It’s not worth it. And it’s insulting. These are the women that have made the show a hit in the first place. They don’t deserve to be nickel-and-dimed.”

Another source claimed the offer Bravo gave to the women was more than generous and that some of the ladies thought they should be making more than the cast of Friends, who were infamously on more than a million dollars an episode.

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In the end, the behind-the-scenes bullshit games and negotiations tanked the chances of Legacy coming to fruition and the producers are focusing their energy on the reboot. The insider shared:

“The network seems to have just lost interest in pursuing the ‘Legacy’ edition at this point. It seems producers are more focused on the ‘RHONY’ reboot, which we are hearing is fun, funny and aspirational.”

In the middle of this tabloid drama, Andy Cohen took to Twitter to tell the world not to believe everything they read, implying that Legacy isn't cancelled after all.

However, Countess Luann later proved we SHOULD believe everything we read when she confirmed to PEOPLE that negotiations had stalled the show. The Cabaret enthusiast told the outlet:

"While it's true that negotiations have stalled on the series that doesn't mean the show is over for good. I always said, 'Never count out the Countess,' but in this case it's, 'Never count out the New York City Housewives...'

Bravo is a genius at reinventing the wheel. They're breathing new life into RHONY right now and I have no doubt they'll find a way to bring the OG's and beloved New York City Housewives back together again. It may be not right now, but I have faith in Bravo and trust that they're going to create something really spectacular that the fans will love in the near future."

So according to Lu, there's a small chance we might see some Legacy related content down the line.

While Bravoholics everywhere were going crazy over the Legacy cancellation news, Ramona, Dorinda and Luann decided to capitalise on the current fan chatter by posting a photo of themselves out at dinner together.

They're obviously not filming anything so their only goal behind this snap was for the Twitter Gays to tell Bravo how much they NEED this show to happen - and to get a few likes in the process.

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