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Terry Dubrow Claims Former Patient Is Extorting Him For $5M After Alleged Botched Surgery

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This seems like a money grab if I've ever seen one.

Plastic surgeon turned reality star Terry Dubrow has found himself in the middle of a legal problem after he claims a former patient of his tried to extort him for $5 million after her surgery allegedly went wrong.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the Botched star is accusing his former patient Sandy Scoggins of threatening him with a federal lawsuit and threatening to report him to the medical board if he didn't pay up and give her the $5 million she is asking for.

Terry says he performed a butt lift on Sandy in July 2019 and informed her of the "substantial risks of complications resulting from plastic surgery and the need for post-operative medical care."

Heather Dubrow's husband states after warning Sandy of the potential complications that could arise from her butt lift, she should've gotten the proper aftercare required when she returned to her home in Texas and explained that he last spoke to Sandy in October 2019. However, nearly a year after the surgery the disgruntled patient came back into the picture and threatened to sue Terry.

Terry says Sandy sent him a 901-page legal letter accusing him of being negligent for failing to diagnose and treat her injuries. She also demanded he pay her $5 million, or else she would go public with her accusations, file a federal lawsuit against him, and even threatened to drag his staff and show Botched into this mess, even though her surgery wasn't filmed for the reality show.

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In the court documents, Terry went onto label Sandy's legal action as an "extortion campaign" and stated he is open to resolving the issue in arbitration, which means it would be out of the public eye. This lady definitely seems like she's trying to swindle Terry and is doing THE MOST in order to get her hands on his money.

Sandy's lawyer also gave a statement to Page Six, where he accused Terry of nearly killing his client and said the plastic surgeon allegedly rushed her surgery so he could begin filming another procedure for his reality show. These are BIG accusations and if Sandy doesn't agree to arbitration then this thing is going to be all over the press. Her attorney told the outlet:

"Dubrow’s operation was so incredibly incompetent that not only did our client’s wounds tear open immediately after her six-figure surgery, but she also developed sepsis and nearly died from Dubrow’s negligence on multiple occasions. On top of that, Dubrow left medical equipment used during the surgery in our client’s body, presumably because he was rushing to complete the procedure to get to filming his TV show. A camera crew for Botched was rushing Dubrow to finish with our client’s surgery since his show was about to start filming a new patient.

"It has taken more than a year’s time and multiple surgeries before our client no longer had large, open wounds on her body left by Dubrow. Dubrow has released private patient information to the Media and made false claims of extortion in an attempt to distract the Public from the truth. The truth is Dubrow rushed a surgery, nearly killed an innocent woman, and guaranteed this woman’s life will never be the same again. The world deserves to know he is not the renowned plastic surgeon he purports to be in Hollywood."

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