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RHONJ Season 8 Tea! Danielle Staub's Return, Cast Trips and More!

I have some tea to keep you guys up to date in everything RHONJ! Filming has been going for a few weeks and the show is expected to air sometime this summer. Almost everyone from season 7 is back with the exception of Wacko Jacko! Word on the street is that Jacqueline Laurita wanted more money (closer to Teresa's level) and Bravo didn't wanna pay. Jacqueline was a MAJOR pain for production last year and came off extremely bad on camera so I'm not surprised at all that she is out!

However as one OG leaves, another returns! That's right Danielle Staub IS BACK, but only as a friend (for now). As of now the RHONJ cast consists of Teresa, Melissa, Siggy, Dolores and a potential new housewife Margaret Josephs fighting it out with Danielle to replace Jacqueline. Dina and Kim D will also make some appearances throughout the season! I'm also hearing that Jacqueline MAY return in the second half of the season as a FRIEND if their is no drama being brought!

Although I like this cast I have no idea where the drama will come from. Danielle had a house warming party last week and apparently Melissa and Danielle settled their issues and Melissa had a "brief" fight with Siggy and Dolores about Kim D! I hope that Danielle is able to really bring the drama and make Teresa flip another table! Either the new housewife or Danielle need to bring the drama otherwise I don't see how this season can work!

Speaking of new housewives, Margaret Josephs is one of Siggy's friends. She started filming alongside Dolores at one of Siggy's book signings. She is battling it out with Danielle for a full-time role depending on the drama that she brings. (She's the blonde standing next to Dolores at Siggy's event in the slideshow below!)

The girls are currently on a "mini" vacation in Siggy's second home Boca Raton so let's all say a little pray that some drama unfolds! The Real Housewives of New Jersey returns later this year! Check out the slideshow below for behind the scenes pics of season 8 and stay tuned for my tea on the upcoming season of Orange County!

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