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8 Reasons Why You Have To Watch The New Season of RHONJ!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey | Season 8

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back and better than ever! After a few boring seasons, the Jersey ladies are bringing back the over the top drama that made them a ratings powerhouse. Now that New York is over and OC is on the decline, we are in need of an epic Housewives fix and I think that Jersey's eighth season will seriously deliver! If you still aren't convinced to tune in, check out our 8 reasons below!

1. Danielle Staub's Comeback

After 6 years, Danielle Staub is finally making her epic return as a "friend" of the show. Danielle was the reason that the first two seasons were so amazing and it looks like she is bring her messiness with her into season 8. From the trailer we can see her getting between Dolores and Teresa's friendship so I cannot wait to see what other drama Danielle creates this season!

2. Newbie Margaret Josephs

This season's newbie Margaret is a "powerhouse in pigtails!" We don't see much of her from the trailer, but it looks like she isn't afraid to stir the pot. I am so ready to see her extravagant lifestyle and her beef with Siggy play out this season!

3. Siggy & Dolores

Last season these two besties were brought on to try and make peace between Teresa and Jacqueline, but this season it looks like they are right in the middle of the drama. Dolores is a true Paterson girl with a fiery side, which we can see when she goes head to head with both Teresa and Danielle! Siggy is also feuding with Margaret and is giving us the epic one liner "I want to rip those pigtails out of her head!" I am beyond excited to see this girls bring the drama.

4. Things Go Flying!

Teresa might have flipped a table in season 1, but this season almost everyone is throwing something! From the trailer we can see a cake be thrown, a chair be flipped and Danielle throw drinks, glasses and who knows what else.

5. POSCHE Fashion Show Kim D's annual Posche Fashion Show has been an event that has historically created some of the best Jersey drama! I mean we all remember Danielle being chased through a country club and StripperGate! It looks like this season is no exception because Teresa is finally telling us what POSCHE stands for: Piece Of Shit, Coke-Whore, Home-Wrecker, Everyday! DAMN! It looks like Teresa has really thought this out! It also looks like she is using her table flipping skills on chairs this season!

6. Gorga Family Restaurant

Melissa and Joe's major storyline this season will be their restaurant that Joe buys without telling his wife. The restaurant could also be the thing that breaks up the family again because we can see Teresa saying "she's only a Gorga by marriage" and Melissa does not look happy!

7. Teresa's Mother

We all heard the devastating news that Teresa's mother passed away earlier this year and we will get to see a glimpse into how the family dealt with their loss this season. From the trailer we can see Teresa talking to Milana about how she misses her mom and Milana claps back with "I know what it's like to miss your mother, you were gone!" Ouch!

8. Vacations, Vacations, Vacations

After only going to Vermont last year, the Jersey girls are stepping it up and heading over to Milan for their epic cast trip this season! We can also see the ladies head down to one of Siggy's favourite places - Boca Raton! We all know that the drama is even more insane when the women are on vacation!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres October 4 9/8c on Bravo! Check out the epic trailer below to get ready for a drama filled season!