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RHONJ Recap: Pigtail Party

Sorry for this last post but I was too busy celebrating my birthday to tune into RHONJ on Wednesday. #SorryNotSorry!

The Jersey redemption season is in full swing! The girls are back from Boca and Margaret is already busy organising a party for her clothing line in her house which is under construction. Her husband Joe won't let any other contractors in the house because he knows that she will run away with her next guy who can put up drywall better than he can.

All the wives debriefed about Boca to their men. Siggy bitched about Margaret to her husband Michael while he rolled meatballs, Dolores told her ex Frank that Margaret was a snake and Teresa and Melissa both told Joe Gorga about Dolores standing up for Siggy. The benefit of not having Danielle full time is that we don't have to see her homelife. All we see from her is drama at group events and that's the way it should be with Miss Staub!

Dolores and her ex Frank are having drama with parenting Frankie. Dolores is a bit more caring and sensitive to Frankie whereas Frank has more of a tough love kind of approach. I tried to stay focused on the scene but I get distracted by how gorgeous Dolores is. She has got to be one of the most beautiful housewives ever! Also her son Frankie is only 18? He has a girlfriend but I can tell that he is gonna get all the ladies when he goes to college.

Joe Gorga is still dealing with his mothers death so he went out and bought his own restaurant. Melissa was pissed but if you think about it, it wasn't that crazy. Joe bought into an already existing restaurant, all he's gonna do is change the name, but he should of told Melissa first. I hate it when the husbands on these shows buy houses and companies without telling their wives. Men.

Teresa and Siggy met up for drinks to talk about Boca. Teresa apologised to Siggy and all was forgiven. I feel like once Teresa was away from the pack she realised she owed Siggy an apology. After they got over their drama Siggy went for Margaret and her pigtails. Miss Flicker really hates Margaret and she made it very, very clear. She delivered some epic one liners that I wanna get embroidered on a pillow or something.

Teresa is writing a new book. After paying her restitution, saving for her daughter's college and managing to keep her mansion Teresa needs an income and her Bravo pay check obviously isn't enough. Tre decided to write her sixth book and her editors basically told her that it needs be more scandalous and intense than Turning The Tables. I read her last book and it was good but it was still very reserved and obviously not written by Tre. I know she had a ghost writer to help but I would rather read something that Teresa has written than something a professional writer has written. I haven't bought Standing Strong but Christmas is just around the corner! Also I loved her white suit in the meeting. Go Tre!

We finally got to Margaret's party and it was a hot mess. Her house was still under construction so she got one of her assistants to run around and throw confetti on the floor. Then her unused oven didn't work so they had to cook all the food at her friends house. Margaret was also running around in hair rollers but then donned her signature pigtails? Does she really need hair rollers for her pigtails? Teresa, Melissa and Joe Gorga all rocked up to the party and started schmoozing with Margaret and her guests. Suddenly Danielle emerged out of nowhere and joined the conversation. Again, part time girls don't get time wasted on their entrance. All the girls started discussing Siggy and Dolores absence and it looked like that was all they could talk about.

Over at the Flicker residence, Siggy and Dolores were taking a stand against Margaret and had a slumber party with pigtails. Mmm, I caught that shade! They danced and had facemarks and reminded me that they need their own spinoff. I loved how Dolores stayed loyal to Sig and ditched the party for her. That's the kind of friend that I want. These girls are fun to watch! During the night Sig got a text from Margaret and they arranged to meet in a diner the next day. That is so Jersey, I love a diner meal!

The next day Siggy and Margaret met in the diner to try and squash their beef. The girls both fired shots at each other and Siggy was hell bent on destroying Margaret. She literally told her "I'm trying to destroy you." At least she's honest! They both said "fuck" a lot and then somehow started fighting about who knew Joan Rivers better. What the fuck. Why is Joan being brought into this fight. Margaret claimed she went to parties at her house (which she had a receipt to prove it) and Siggy said she met her 3 times, which she later confessed she lied about on Watch What Happens Live. After they were done fighting about their friendships with Joan, Siggy started crying and you could tell Margaret really felt bad. The pigtail powerhouse apologised and the girls made up. Even though they knew each other for 5 years they didn't actually know each other. I would say they are on the path to a friendship but I have seen the trailer for the season and I can tell that they only go down hill from here!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo. Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the craziest women in Jersey!

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