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The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 8 Cast Ranked!

This season started with the return of Danielle Staub and a cake throw that was heard around the world. Season 8 probably holds the record for most objects thrown which is an achievement in the Housewives world. As a result of Danielle's return and Margaret's introduction into the group, loyalties were questioned and friendships were strained with Teresa and Melissa finding themselves in the middle while the rest of the group fought it out to prove their allegiance to the matriarchs of the show. Kim D also returned to the show to spread more Giudice propaganda and host another infamous POSCHE fashion show, which may be the last. Chairs were flipped, glasses were thrown and insults were hurled but it all culminated to make an epic redemption season for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

6. Danielle Staub

After a six year break Danielle came back to the show as Teresa's most trusted confidant and held on for dear life to try and keep her job. Danielle thought it was a good idea to lie about Dolores and try to break up her 20 year friendship with Teresa but it didn't work. Fans love the drama that this Prostitution Whore provides but I just feel unsafe watching her. This is a woman that was arrested for drug dealing, kidnapping and prostitution but somehow she thinks that Teresa owes her an apology for her kids being bullied. I don't think so. Danielle just gives me the creeps and I really don't want her back full time next year. It was okay seeing Danielle as a friend of because she provided drama in group settings but then slithered back home without us having to see her home life, which is the way it should be.

5. Melissa Gorga

I've always liked Melissa but I'm bored. Her friendship with Teresa has officially secured her place as one of the matriarchs of the show which means that she isn't going anywhere anytime soon. This season she really didn't bring anything to the show except her fake fights with Teresa over their fake restaurant. Her husband Joe Gorga provided way more drama than Melissa and probably deserves to be a housewife more than his wife. The Envy owner managed to feud with Siggy about throwing her own birthday cake and got angry with Dolores for walking in her arch enemy Kim D's infamous fashion show. Melissa screamed and yelled a bit through the season but she wasn't giving me anything to live for. Better luck next year!

4. Margaret Josephs

This newbie was the pigtailed surprise that I didn't know I wanted. She brought a unique zero fucks attitude with her to the garden state but still managed to have a caring, sympathetic side. Margaret is the official class clown of Jersey, much to the disdain of her enemy Siggy. The two ladies entered into a bitter feud when Marge offended sensitive Siggy with her sense of humour and later with her Hitler analogy which resulted in Siggy calling her an antisemite. Oh boy. Throughout the season Marge really hasn't done anything that I can fault her on, which is good but that isn't what reality TV is made of. I love Marge Sr though!

3. Teresa Giudice

It took almost a decade but Teresa Giudice is finally making sense. For years the jailbird has found it hard to be honest and apologise to people but this season Tre opened about the struggles in her marriage and wasn't afraid to say sorry to her family and friends. Her main storyline was writing her new memoir which will probably led to an inevitable divorce with Juicy Joe. Teresa managed to stay out of the fray this season but duked it out with her good friend Dolores due to Danielle's evil lies. Tre also had to take on Kim D for spreading more rumours about her marriage which she shut down at the POSCHE fashion show. For most of the season Teresa stayed in the middle of the feuding group and managed to come out of the season on good terms with everyone which has never happened before. Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks!

2. Siggy Flicker Siggy, Siggy, Siggy. This relationship expert burst onto the scene last season as the funny, bubbly character that we all knew and loved but this season she got the serious bitch edit. She feuded with Margaret for calling her Soggy Flicker and ended up dropped a nuke in Milan by calling her an antisemitic. Her behaviour was illogical and didn't make sense which she's blamed on editing, like they all do. Sure the fans may have turned on The Sig this year but she earned the second spot on our list for delivering the drama because without her nothing would have happened. Siggy has already quit the show which is probably for the best because I don't think that Michael Campanella could endure another year of hearing Siggy complain about her pigtailed foe.

1. Dolores Catania

This Paterson native brought the logic and sense that Caroline Manzo had back to a group of women that are often lacking in it. Dolores had to face Danielle's blatant lies against her which Teresa believed. For the majority of the season Dolores seemed to be the only person to have a memory longer than a goldfish and remembered the dirty tricks that Miss Staub used to pull. Her loyalty was tested which caused her passionate, aggressive Paterson side to come out which was highly appreciated. I just love Dolores because she is honest and real but knows how to shut a bitch down when they step out of line. Miss Catania also faced scrutiny over her "unconventional" relationship with her ex husband but I love it and if it works for them - WHO CARES! Dolores is one of the most stunning Housewives to date and I hope that she sticks around for a long time because this franchise needs someone with more than 2 brain cells!

Do you agree with our ranking? Sound off in the comments below!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday at 10/9c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the craziest ladies in Jersey.

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