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Siggy Flicker Talks About Andy Cohen's Beef With Kathy Griffin While Exposing Danielle's Del

Tea Drinkers get ready because Siggy Flicker is throwing even more shade now that she is officially off The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The former reality star took to Twitter after the most recent episode and fired back at haters who came for her about not greeting her enemy Margaret Josephs mother. Siggy defended herself by using her old boss as an example. She asked fans if Andy Cohen would want to meet Kathy Griffin's family member's after she claimed that he offered her coke.

That took me back because it's the first time that a housewife has actually spoken on Andy's explosive feud, probably due to the fact that she announced that she wasn't returning to the infamous franchise.

Siggy didn't stop with Andy Cohen. The relationship expert also said that the scene about her avoiding Marge Sr was only a filler because they decided not to show Danielle Staub's sex scene in the bathroom of the Gorga restaurant.

Siggy isn't making anything up because production insiders leaked the tea and the scene was even featured in the midseason trailer. I wonder why they opted out of showing it because that would have been much more entertaining.

If it wasn't clear before, Siggy Flicker is done with RHONJ and she has burned any bridge she had to go back. Production will be mad at her for discussing the deleted scene and I don't think Andy will like any of his girls discussing his tabloid rumours.

What do you think of Siggy's explosive tweet? Sound off in the comments!

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