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RHONJ Season 8 Reunion Fashion Roundup!

Welcome back Tea Drinkers for our Good Tea reunion fashion analysis. These Jersey ladies have obviously stepped up their budget this year and are slaying like never before. This has to be one of my favourite reunion sets with it's modern staircases and marble in the background. All the ladies are very cohesive this year in their prom dresses with navy being a recurring theme as well as bursts of colour. The hair and makeup has also gone up a notch with Danielle trying out a new do, Margaret ditching the pigtails and the rest of the ladies getting their weaves snatched. Sit back and relax because I'm about to break down these RHONJ season 8 reunion looks and give you all the life that you need.

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6. Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga may own her own fashion boutique but it looks like she's been shopping at POSCHE because I am not loving this outfit. Mrs Gorga is in her typical nightclub attire which isn't exactly in the same category as a reunion. I'd love this dress if she was heading out to a night at TAO though! Melissa also kept her generic tapered hair that she's had since her and Kathy Wakile both got two for one makeovers with their Groupon discounts before the season 4 reunion.. Change it up a little girl! It's alright, but it's not making me envy anything about Melissa's life.

5. Margaret Josephs

I do like The Marge but she can do better than this. The pigtailed newbie is wearing a silky, emerald dress which is giving me serious Dynasty vibes. She's like a blonde Joan Collins! Margaret also ditched her traditional pigtailed do and replaced it with this bob with bangs look that I'm not super into. Her look reminds me of a Disney villain but I can't put my finger on it. Margaret has stepped up her overall look from her psychedelic patterned dresses this season, but I know that this fashion designer can do better. Or can she?

4. Teresa Giudice

I feel like Teresa is trying to be sexy in this dress but I'm not buying what she's selling. The dress does nothing for her figure and the slit just showcases how her knee looks like a baby's face. This dress almost looks like a sack of potatoes got blue balls. Seriously, where did Teresa get this? The discount prom dress store? This dress isn't even the worst part. Her forehead is shirking faster than the ice caps and Tre's overly bleached hair looks like it's about to fall out. I like the shoes though!

3. Siggy Flicker

Siggy looks like she's on her way to her communion in this whimsical gown. The floral bedding is perfect but this dress looks too nice for a Housewives reunion. I believe that you need to dress like a high class hooker meets Oscar winner meets prom queen when you are attending one of these reunions. Apart from her dress looking too sweet, her hair and makeup are exquisite even if her hair is the same as the majority of the cast. Congrats Siggy for going out with a fashionable bang for your final Housewives reunion.

2. Danielle Staub

I'm really ashamed to admit this but Danielle Staub is slaying at this reunion. Her new bob looks good and obviously her makeup people are helping her look like she has the face of a normal human being and not that of coke riddled ex-prostitute. I love the way that this red outfit sucks in her figure and explodes into the tail. If ANYONE else was wearing this dress they would definitely win this ranking but because it's Danielle and she has that whole face situation going on, she's staying in second place.

​1. Dolores Catania

This is how you dress for a Housewives reunion. You need a sexy dress that shows off your hottest assets and will leave your enemies gagging. The dress is beautiful but isn't past the point where you can call a bitch out. The boobs, the weave and the bling are too die for. I can't fault this look, I can't even think of a bitchy quip to add to this summary, and you know that's what I excel in. Sofia Vegara is clutching her pearls right now because Miss Catania is looking snatched in this mermaid dress and putting the bitches in their place. Congrats Dolores!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo and you can check out the trailer below! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the craziest ladies in Jersey of Bravo.

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