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Danielle Staub Claims Margaret Josephs Maliciously Planned Her Bachelorette Party

She'll always be a professional victim!

Following last night's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey which featured Danielle Staub's bachelorette party, she spoke to Page Six about "what really happened" behind the scenes and basically just blamed all her problems in life on her former friend turned reality TV enemy Margaret Josephs.

The prostitution whore said nothing about the party was "planned without malicious intent,” saying The Marge's party planning skills were full of revenge for having to deal with Danielle as a demanding bride:

“I had no idea that she would take it upon herself to take revenge at my bachelorette party for me being a bit to handle due to the stress of [being] a normal bride. Add to that cameras.”

She also said the male strippers crossed a line because she was embarrased to be thrown around by strippers in front of her daughter and her rheumatoid arthritis could have been seriously affected by the strippers tossing her:

“I was very embarrassed and I was also put in a very difficult situation in front of my daughter who was there [and] who knows that I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis … being tossed over anyone’s head was not something that I signed on to do. We have to sign releases for that kind of stuff and that crossed the line. I could have been seriously injured and I’m lucky that I wasn’t.”

Cut me a fucking break. They lifted her up on a chair, threw her on the ground and Danielle loved every second of it. She smiled through the whole thing and was gushing about it after but now that she's mad at Margaret everything is her fault.

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Danielle also justified her reasons for having a bridal registry which Margaret bashed saying the pigtailed 51-year-old woman registered for her 50th birthday party on the show and nobody asked any questions:

“I’m a bride-to-be and I was paying for everything, so yeah I did want presents,” she said. “What’s wrong with that? I’m starting a new life with a different man. So whether I have stuff or I don’t have stuff, it was none of her business. She should have just be supportive of everything that I was doing being as I did pay for all the bridesmaids’ dresses and all the bridesmaids’ shoes. And there were nine of them. It wasn’t a cheap undertaking.”

She ended the article by saying:

“I think Margaret did this whole thing to be anything but a friend to me. She did it to be provocative and it turned out to be just in poor taste altogether and really used against me.”

Danielle needs to stay home and try to at least not be as thirsty as she seems. It was a bachelorette party with strippers, get over it. And why is she blaming Margaret when Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga also "planned" the event? This is bullshit and she'll do anything she can to always remain the professional victim she always has been.

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