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Terry Dubrow Sued For $10 Million By Ex-Patient Who He Accused Of Trying To Extort Him

PHOTO: Bravo

This is literally my idea of hell.

Last week we spilled the tea that Terry Dubrow was accusing his ex-patient of trying to extort him for $5 million after she suffered complications from her butt lift that he performed. In court documents, Terry claimed he explained the potential complications that could arise after the surgery to Sandy Scoggins, the ex-patient in question, and said it was her responsibility to seek aftercare when she returned home to Texas.

Terry was asking Sandy to undertake arbitration with him, however, she not only declined that offer but is now suing him for $10 million and accusing him of almost killing her from the alleged botched surgery.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Sandy claims she went to Terry to get rid of loose skin and cellulite on her legs, but did not want a huge scar, so she chose Terry who promised to improve her look by 85%.

Sandy claims Terry rushed her surgery because the camera crew for his E! show Botched were pressuring him to start another procedure for the show. In the legal documents, she stated that following her surgery E! staffers (with cameras and lights) came into the operating room and told her to be quiet because they were filming another patient and she's saying she did not consent for them to be there at all.

Following the drama with the E! crew, things allegedly only got worse for Sandy who claims after the surgery she tried to sit up in bed and the incision in the middle of her back busted open along with an incision in her groin. This sounds so fucking painful and my butthole is clenching in fear and agony. She included photos of her injuries in the lawsuit, which were obtained by TMZ if you want to take a look, but I just can't bring myself to look at the gory images.

Sandy explained that over the next week, the incision in her back tore open in several more places which caused her to go back to hospital and allegedly develop a serious fever, swelling in her abdomen, and an infection in the wound. Again, I wouldn't even wish this pain on my worst enemy, well, it depends what day it is.

Apparently, the doctor who attended to Sandy at the hospital paged Terry four times and he never called back. Ever. After this gory traumatic time, the ex-patient says when she went back home to Texas doctors discovered bacteria had destroyed more than four inches of her flesh and that they had found a "tan and white synthetic mesh-like material" inside her body.

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They believe the material came from her surgery with Dr. Dubrow, however, "sources close to Terry" AKA Terry, told TMZ he does not use mesh during his procedures so it couldn't be from him. Sandy is suing Terry, the E! network and others involved in her surgery for more than $10 million in damages.

If this trauma happened to me, I would be suing for $10 million as well. The flesh eating bacteria alone is a mess let alone having an infection in my freshly ripped open incisions. Ugh. I'm not going to be able to eat for a while after writing this story.

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