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Vicki Gunvalson & Tamra Judge BLAST Shannon Beador After She Dismissed The Demise Of The Tres Amigas

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The Dos Amigas are not happy and rightfully so.

Earlier this week while doing press for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County that nobody cares about, Shannon Beador accused both Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge of lying about why they are no longer friends and basically dismissed her two former friends (and costars) altogether.

In case you've been living under a Bravo sized rock, Tamra spoke out earlier this year saying Shannon stopped returning her calls and talking to her once she was fired from the show, and now both Dos Amigas are going OFF about Shannon's recent statements about them.

In an interview with Celeb Magazine, Vicki addressed Shannon's comments and let's just say she's not fucking happy. She started by saying Shannon should be thanking her because if she didn't "bring this franchise about" she wouldn't even have a show to promote. That really is the most Vicki sentence ever.

The OG of the OC then called her former friend a "selfish, narcissistic, ego-driven person who only cares about herself" saying she was there for her during her divorce only for Shannon to stop caring about her once she was off the show. Vicki explained:

“If Shannon really considered me a ‘close friend’ as she claims in this interview she did today, where have the calls been since I announced I was no longer going to be on RHOC? Where have the visits been? Where was she when Tamra revealed Simon was battling cancer? Nowhere. Shannon is a selfish, narcissistic, ego-driven person who only cares about herself. As soon as I didn’t come back to the show she stopped calling me because she had no use for me. I called her and texted her and she never had the courtesy to call me back.

“When she needed ears to lean on when she was going through her issues with David- which, to be clear, even though she claimed I was lying about the abuse I never was and I still stand 100% behind what I said back then- Tamra and I were consistently there for her. We were her shoulders to cry on many a time. It’s like she forgets that happened and wants to rewrite history.”

Normally I never agree with Vicki Gunvalson, but these are all facts. Vicki also shaded Shannon's newfound friendship with Kelly Dodd calling it the "biggest crock of reality bullshit I’ve ever seen" which is also completely accurate, the Coto Insurance maven stated:

“And to think she’s now friends with Kelly Dodd? That is the biggest crock of reality bullshit I’ve ever seen. Kelly Dodd legitimately called her fat on television and made fun of her- not to mention had issues with ‘Mrs Roper’ from day one- and now they’re BFF’s? Please. This is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen.”

Vicki's rant is still far from over. She clarified that they only live 20 minutes apart, not 45 as Shannon previously stated, shaded her for not being able to afford her house and accused her of trying to keep up with the Joneses. Everything Vicki is saying is 100% facts. Vicki slammed her former friend saying:

“Shannon is ALMOST right on one thing, though, which is that we don’t live in the EXACT same area. She claims we live about 45 minutes away from each other- which is actually 30 minutes, 20 on a good day- but she wouldn’t know because she rarely came out to visit me. I live in the country in over a $3 million home that I can afford, and have no desire to live in Newport Beach and attempt to keep up with the Joneses.”

The fact that Shannon pays an astronomical amount in rent just to live in Newport Beach is insane and when she's off the show, she's not going to have any way to pay for that house.

Of course, the OG of the OC couldn't help herself but be a little bitchy, scratch that very bitchy, and called out Shannon for setting a bad example for her daughters. Vicki went in and although it's harsh, I'm here for the shade. She said:

“I am an independent, self-made woman who is able to afford to live a certain lifestyle and I love living in the country. Others, like Shannon, want to ‘keep up’ but then had to downgrade their lifestyle once their husband stopped paying all the bills. Sorry not sorry- the truth hurts. And that’s 100% correct. Perhaps she should try running companies like I do and working to buy multiple homes and making a life for herself instead of depending on a man to do that for her. It’s downright pathetic and sets a horrid example for her daughters- though I guess when your ex-husband forbids you from drinking around your daughters this can’t be the first bad example you’ve set for them.”

Vicki also talked shit about the current cast of the show, which is a very easy thing to do considering the upcoming fifteenth season is probably the one season in Bravo history that no fan wants to actually watch, myself included. The cast is full of nobodies, aside from Shannon and Kelly and the thought of watching Kovid Dodd on my TV for 20 weeks straight makes me want to ran into oncoming traffic. Vicki shaded the show saying:

“This season is chalking up to be such a big joke and I am happy to say I’m no longer a part of this hot mess. You have Kelly Dodd mocking COVID and wearing hats that say ‘Drunk Wives Matter,’ you have Boring Wind and her ‘modern marriage’- whatever that means, you have the miscasting decisions that were Emily (Simpson) and Gina (Kirschenheiter), and you have wackadoo Shannon who really needs to check her ego and remember where she came from, where she started, and who was there for her all along.”

The former OC Housewife ended her rant by warning Shannon that if she continues to talk about both her and Tamra in the press it won't be pretty and "promised" her that if she ever returns to the show (which we all know won't happen) they will definitely have words, she explained:

“I have no intention of returning to the show but rest assured that if I ever did- Shannon and I will have word. And that is not a threat, it’s a promise. Shannon said it herself on one of the episodes- and I quote- ‘I look like a wackadoodle.’ Keep talking about Tamra and I in this way, Shannon, and you’re living up to this description to a tee. I highly suggest you shut your mouth and keep our names out of it. Love, your former Tres Amiga.”

Obviously, Vicki is problematic at best and apart from shading Shannon as a mother, everything she said was 100% facts. I don't know about any of you, but I would definitely be here for Vicki and Tamra returning in season 16 to takedown Shannon and her bullshit once and for all.

Even though Vicki's rant is over, her fellow Tres Amiga also clapped back to Shannon's recent comments and she's not happy either. On Wednesday, Tamra called out Shannon for not being a loyal friend and threatened to expose some receipts if she keeps talking about her, however, the CUT Fitness owner still has more to say.

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Tamra took to her Instagram story to clarify that Shannon only spoke to her after she was fired to hysterically cry about her ex-husband, David Beador's, fiance and soon-to-be baby mama signing her spousal support check. Tamra also called her out for not caring about what she or her children were going through after her ex-husband was diagnosed with cancer.

That's not all, Tamra also took to the comments section on Good Tea's Instagram post about Shannon's dismissive interview (Yes, Tamra follows me) and said her former friend has lived such a privileged life that she's never had to care about anyone but herself. I'm sorry, but this is also facts.

In conclusion, Shannon fucking sucks. If she had been there for her friends after they were fired from the show then we wouldn't be having this conversation. However, she cut them off when she found out they wouldn't be returning and then acted like she didn't give a shit about them in a recent interview, so it's only right for the Dos Amigas to clap back to her cunty ways.

I care more about this beef than I do about the upcoming season...

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